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Distilled Water for commercial use - The HWS-27K Water Distillers

Cutler distilled water distillers

Restaurants and Hotels rely on HWS (Hybrid Water System) for all of their drinking water, ice machines, Cooking and final rinse to clean the dishes.

The HWS is the the only system on the market today that can take water out of the Rio Grande River (the most polluted river in the U.S.), and create Bacteria free safe drinking water (750 TDS - > 2 TDS).

Best Western franchise owner Mike Villarreal had this to say about HWS:

    "I have had salesmen from every major water purifying company approach us regarding reverse osmosis, ozone, etc.. None of them would guarantee 100% sanitized water.

    When we found out about the HWS system, a machine that promised 99.9% pure, sanatized water, I asked if the water it produced could pass a State of Texas aproved lab.

    The answer: it would not only pass, but it would produce 80 - 100 gallons a day of distilled water and all for the same energy cost that I currently have.

    At first I had my doubts, considering the amount of money involved, and said No thank you... But afterwards we tried the special HWS no-risk commercial rental program.

    Now I can tell you that we are saving over $400.00 a month in bottled water and even our ice makers are producing cyrstal clear distilled ice. We will continue to exclusively use this service and refer as well."

Trust The Experts!

Water heaters, water distillation, the Cutler Team have over 30 years of experience with them! As Authorized Dealers we can provide solutions for distilled, heat sanitized water from almost any fresh water source.

The HWS water distiller system was designed by Dr. Charles Cutler, expert in hydrocarbon distillation. DR. CHARLES R. CUTLER was Engineer of the year '97, (CONTROL award receipent, Engineer of the Year http://scad.utdallas.edu/eletter/120to139/120.html) He actually designed this product originally to purify spring water at his ranch in Texas. Two years of testing and over 20 prototypes later, the results are impressive. Dr. Cutler has applied over 40 years of Chemical Engineering experience in petrochemical distillation to design this product.

Dr. Cutler only allowed the use of industrial grade materials and required that all parts must be available at local hardware stores. He banned the use of microchips (most chips will fail in 5 years) and built the machines just like they build oil refineries.

Even the insulation is the same that is used in commercial refineries to insulate pipes!

In order to do all of this and keep the price down, the company, based in Texas, USA, built a factory from ground up in nereby Mexico and Dr. Cutler himself personally trained and currently supervises the staff.

At the factory, well water of over 2,500 TDS is distilled to a purity of > 2 TDS with the small HWS 5.5K Unit.

No matter what your water needs are, there are solutions for every need, from a single family to a large Hotel. Contact us and stop drinking contaminated water.

water sample taken from Ciudad Acuna, Coah, Mexico municipal water supply, distilled using the HWS 16.5K and tested by the State of Texas approved Lab, Upper Guadalupe River Authority Laboratory.
Total Hardness 284 mg/l < 100 mg/l Iron <0.1 mg/l <0.1 mg/l
Sulfate 172 mg/l <10 mg/l | Nitrate 0.3 mg/l <0.2 mg/l
pH 7.8 4.5 Fluoride <0.9 mg/l <0.1 mg/l
Chloride 155 mg/l < 2 mg/l | Conductivity 1134 7
TDS Total Disovled Solids 737 mg/l 5 mg/l Total Coliform Bacteria Present Abesent


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HWS 5.5K can produce up to 35 gallons per day of distilled water - Stand alone or connect to water heater for free distilled water - selling for less then $3499.99
HWS 16.5K can produce more than 120 gallon per day of distilled water - selling for less then $5499.99
HWS 27K can produce more than 200 gallon per day of distilled water - selling for less then $7499.00

Waterwise 7000 Series Distillers

For families of 3 or more, or for the convenience of purified water on tap, the Model 7000 is for you. With one simple water connection, this fully automatic, high output distiller produces up to 9 gallons of pure distilled water in 24 hours. With this plentiful supply, you never have to worry about running out of purified water.
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