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CuZn Economical Whole House System - Product Image

CuZn Economical Whole House System

CuZn Heavy Duty In-Line Replaceable Filter Media Housing.
Comes with a 3/4'' inlet & outlet.
These housing units are designed as an economical alternative for incoming water line installation.
C-WH10 holds 5 pounds of replaceable filtration media, while C-WH20 holds 10 pounds of replaceable filtration media.
An economical whole house water filtration system.
Easy to install.
Easy to maintain.

If you've a problem with moderated ''hard water'', this unit will soften your water, although it is not a softener. It will change the molecular shape of the Calcium crystal so that the calcium will be unable to adhere to a surface and will flow through in the water stream. In this way no scaling should occur and the water will behave like soft water.
Filtration medium to be changed once in about two years, depending on the usage of water.
Sizing: WH10 = 10 Inches long / WH20 = 20 Inches long.
For details about how CuZn works, CLICK HERE
The WHIL series is designed to last about 1 year, sometimes more, sometimes less depending upon water quality and to a lesser degree flow rates.
Item# C-WHIL

Price: $323.89