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Culligan RFFE20-BB Iron Reduction Cartridge - Product Image

Culligan RFFE20-BB Iron Reduction Cartridge

The Culligan RFFE20-BB Iron Reduction Cartridge improves taste of water by reducing the metallic taste caused by iron.
Helps to eliminate orange/brown stains often found on sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures.
Completely safe for drinking water - no harmful chemicals added to water.
Completely safe for drinking water.
Reduces dissolved iron up to 3 ppm when used in 20 inch Big Blue, BBFS-22, or BBFS-222 systems.

Reduces possibility of damage to pipes and hot water heaters.

Dimensions: 4 5/8' x 20' (67 mm x 508 mm)
Maximum Flow Rate: 6 GPM (23 LPM)

Note: Filter housing for this cartridge application should be installed on the main cold water line after the pressure tank or water meter.

Sediment and post-carbon prefiltration recommended.
Not recommended for applications where iron levels exceed 3 ppm.

Recommended Operating Conditions

  • pH: > 7.0
  • Silica: < 100 ppm
  • Manganese: < 1 ppm
  • Iron: < 3 ppm
  • Iron Bacteria: None
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: None

    Note: Water conditions outside of the above specified limits may lead to a shortened filtration life.

If your water contains Iron Bacteria, shock chlorination is recommended.

We would suggest that before purchasing this water treatment system, you have your water supply tested to determine your actual water treatment needs, and to make certain that your water quality is within the 'recommended operating conditions' of this system.

Caution: The filter must be protected against freezing. Failure to do so may result in cracking of the filter and water leakage.

Note: cartridges will contain a very small amount of fines (very fine powder) and new cartridges, after installation, should be flushed with sufficient water to remove all traces of fines from your water system before use.
Item# N-RFFE20-BB

Price: $119.90