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Water Boss Water Softener - Product Image

Water Boss Water Softener

The Water Boss water softener is highly efficient. Regeneration requires only 15 gallons of water and 3.8 lb. of salt. Iron filtration is built in, rated to 10 parts per million (PPM) of iron, and can replace most separate iron filters. Sediment filtration is built in and rated to 10 microns. All filters are self-cleaning.
Water Boss has as much softening media and the capacity of much larger softeners. The low height and low salt use makes adding salt easy.
Plumbing is simplified with flexible stainless steel connector hoses, supplied.
To set, merely enter water hardness and push start.
An easy to use hardness test and installation video is provided in each Water Boss.
Model 93000
The Water Boss measures 23-1/2' H. x 14' W. x 19' D.
Item# N-402931

Price: $698.89