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Since most of our business is linked to the internet, we are aware of the security, privacy and reliability concerns which naturally come to everybody's mind when buying something online. We have therefore carefully selected our online ordering partner, and we would like to explain in more detail how the order process works.


When you click one of the order links displayed on our web site, your browser will ask for the item numbers, quantity, billing and shipping address etc. When asked for the Credit Card information, all data, such as your credit card number and expiration date, will be transmitted in an encrypted format ("SSL protocol") between your web browser and our Credit Card service provider. The processing of the credit card data, taking place between you and the credit card agent, is processed fully automatically and encrypted. We have never had a single problem or complaint about this service.

Credit card fraud is an issue which ends up in the news from time to time, especially when it happens online. It is indeed true that the internet makes it easier to to try and place an order using a stolen credit card numbers. But numbers from stolen cards or written down by thieves at restaurants, gas stations or from receipts which ended up in the trash have been an issue for decades, and on the internet this is a problem that online merchants (resellers), not buyers (consumers), need to be prepared for. In other words, credit card fraud is OUR problem as a merchant, not yours, as a customer. Credit card companies have always, in different ways, shielded consumers from the liabilities involved in these matters.

Unlike when your credit card physically leaves the room in a restaurant or shop, for example, no party between your browser and our servers - not even your ISP (internet service provider) - can read the contents of these secure transmissions.

While it is known that a few online systems have been "cracked", this was due to the same criminal intent and lack of preparation that can also be found in the "offline" world. Any reputable company knows very well that customer data should not be stored on the same system which is accessible from the internet, and knows how to control who can access this data. We believe that in choosing our secure server provider we uncompromisingly chose the best security available, even if it costs us a little bit more than other services.

In view of this, sending credit cards information, to SSL or other secured servers, represents no meaningful incremental increase in exposure. There are over 60 trillion bytes of information blasting through the information pipeline every second. In this way you have true security through obscurity. The form we use is more secure than if you had used your credit card in a restaurant or given it to the reservations desk at the airport or over the phone to a hotel. Think of how many hands your credit card goes through in a restaurant-- The waiter, the cashier, the manager, the accountant and whoever sweeps up at night. When buying with your Credit Card at a gas station, the credit slip can be found by anyone who can not be traced.


We want you to feel comfortable using your credit card on our site. That is why we absolutely guarantee the safety of your transaction! Our server is 100% secure using the most high tech encryption on the Internet. Ever since 1998 there were no cases of credit card fraud when using this technology anywhere in the world!

If somehow your card is used fraudulently resulting from using it at our site, we will pay the charges for you. The credit card company limits your liability to $50 in most cases. That is the amount we would pay so you owe nothing.

If you believe that your card number was stolen during a transaction with us, please let us know right away and we will take care of the matter immediately. To date, we have had no security problems.

Should you ever make a mistake and be charged for it, you can ask Customer Service a refund.

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