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CLICK TO ENLARGE ~ Perfect Performance: The Auto-Flush Whole House Water Filter System Whole House Water Filter The Whole House Auto-Flush Water Filtration System eliminates the need for expensive cartridge-type replacement filters.

  • self-cleaning water filter with built-in 'water hammer' protection.
  • Fits all home and commercial plumbing from '' to 2''.
  • Custom auto-flush activation times available from the factory.
  • Custom filter mesh sizes available. Standard is 60 mesh.
  • Retrofit systems available for Rusco/VuFlow manual filter systems.

  • Perfect Performance proven throughout years of real world field-tests.
  • Easy to understand step by step installation instructions written by plumbing pros.
  • 30 day money back return/satisfaction guarantee (if returned with RMA# in original shipping container in new resaleable condition).

  • Install it and Forget it! Dirt and debris is collected in the auto-flush filter system. The valve automatically opens up every 24 hours (or any other specific time) and the dirt and debris is flushed to the drain. NO MORE CLEANING OR CHANGING FILTERS!

    Click Here to see a fast clip of the AutoFlush in Action

  • Flow Rates: The '' & 1'' inlet/outlet has a flow rating of 20 Gallons Per Minute. The 1-'' has a flow rating of 50 GPM. And the 2'' has a flow rating of 100 GPM.

  • High Technology: The system incorporates state-of-the-art digital technology to regulate a special solenoid valve and activation timer that's embedded with pre-programmed commands. The design of the main unit is such that it couples the laws of physics (centrifugal force in this case) with system water pressure to automatically flush sediment and debris to an ordinary drain. The normal factory power-up cycle is set at ''five seconds ON every 24 hours.'' Click Here to see how The Auto-Flush System works

  • Great Pretreatment solution. In addition to its normal filtration duties, the Whole House Auto-Flush Water Filtration System is a great pretreatment solution for any home or business using appliances such as: water softeners, heat pumps, water heaters, water distillers, reverse osmosis water purifiers, drinking water systems and boilers.

  • Dimensions: The '' system is 11 '' x 8''. Click here for standard dimensions figure Other dimensions available upon request.

    Depending on conditions of the water treated, and/or the amount of water used, this system could easily pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

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