How the Auto Flush System works

Water carrying particulate matter enters the inlet side of the filter (top right in figure) and flows into the clear filter bowl on the outside of the permanent plastic/nylon mesh filter screen. Water then goes through the fine mesh screen up and out the outlet side of the water filter. The water is now filtered from sediment and particulate matter. These stay behind either on the filter screen itself or falls to the bottom of the bowl.

How the Auto-Flush system works

A combination state of the art solenoid valve/timer/digital programmer dictates how often and how long the system will clean itself. All programming is preset at the factory. The standard units are set to clean every 24 hours, with custom time configurations available upon request.

Filters arrive preprogrammed and ready for installation and use. You get complete do-it-yourself instructions showing how to make the necessary inlet/outlet connections, routing a flexible drain hose to the drain and plugging it in.

There are two plastic fins in the white PVC filter head located in the path of the water flow as it enters the filter. When the valve opens, it's forcing water to spin extremely fast inside the filter bowl and around the filter mesh screen ripping debris from the screen, moving the debris to the drain using centrifugal force. The more debris on the screen the better it works, since it uses the debris to knock off additional debris from the screen and moves it out to the drain. The whole process lasts five seconds and uses approximately one gallon of water.

After the cleaning process is complete, the valve shuts off smoothly. When the flushing valve is closed abruptly on other systems it may generate an intense pressure surge that seeks relief through-out the entire water system. This causes a water hammer condition, "banging pipes", a noisy and damaging condition to the plumbing systems and fixtures including water heater, faucets, seals, joints and pipes. Therefore, a water hammer arrestor has been incorporated on this system, which absorbs this shock. An engineered water arrestor with a sealed gas chamber absorbs the pressure spikes when the valve closes, thus absorbing the pressure surge which causes water hammer. The Hydra Restor protects most houses from pressure spikes.

Once installed, you'll have a ''new'' filter every time it cleans itself without having to shut off the water supply and twist off a bulky filter body and change our expendable filters.

It is environmentally friendly as it has no throw-away parts. Once this unit is installed, it takes care of itself and uses less electricity than a kitchen clock.

Besides eliminating the mess and hassle that come with disposable cartridge filters, most applications of the whole house auto-flush water filtration system will see the filter pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. Not only in replaceable filters, but also expensive service calls that may reach $60-70 just to change out a filter! Many people with conventional filter systems pay that amount every three months as they either forget how to or don't like to change filters theirselves.

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