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Membrane filtration

The conventional filtration technology can be maintenance-intensive, costly and environmentally unfriendly. But with the latest Membrane filtration system, all these hassles are averted, thus making the access of pure and safe water for all purposes extremely easy and convenient. Membrane filtration is a pressure driven process that uses a semi-permeable (porous) membrane to separate particulate matter from soluble components in water. This technology employs cross flow filtration which removes both salts and dissolved organic matter, using a permeable membrane that only permeates the contaminants. Thus the membrane surface is continuously cleaned, prolonging the life of the membrane and reducing maintenance costs.

Membrane filtration systems making use of the latest technology for water filtration

There are several different membrane filtration systems, which are: Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, Nano filtration and Reversed Osmosis (RO). The type of membrane filtration is selected based on the kind of compounds that needs to be removed and their particle size. The membrane filtration system is capable of removing suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides metal ions, thus fully removing aqueous salts.

Our site helps you in selecting the best water filtration technology available world over – Membrane filtration. We have a comprehensive list of products to choose from our large database of products. You can select the products according to their usefulness to you. With our varied models and information we are sure to satisfy all your needs regarding water filtration and purification. In addition to the membrane filtration systems, we have various purifiers and distillers with us for purifying water at your home or any other place.



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